OSM’s philosophy on music learning and performance supports an end to end approach. We strongly believe, that a musician’s journey does not begin and end with learning music theory and building performance skill . OSM is consolidating a holistic approach for music sojourners. At the outset, learning is linked as closely as possible to one’s own natural ability which is then nurtured to achieve highest possible execution skills. Execution skill is developed utilizing appropriate curriculum combined with engaging practice and performance sessions among peer musicians. Concerts and recitals are curated at regular intervals to execute developed skill. Focus is, to enable communication of message through music in a manner that engages audience. OSM directs its efforts in creating that crucial connect and ‘circle of energy’ experience, right from the start and build it into the entire journey. For serious music career oriented learners, OSM maintains acoustically engineered jampad and recording facilities that support development in music arena.


Team OSM

Rhema Daniel

Rhema Daniel was born into a family where dad played the guitar and sang on an almost daily basis. With religious fervour, she and her siblings learnt to sing at an early age. Into her teens, Rhema picked up the piano and guitar to accompany her voice that began to take a unique and powerful shape. People beyond family and friends rapidly started to recognize her unique talent with voice. While continuing her formal education, Rhema was already employed at schools to teach students and there was no looking back. She undertook Rockschool and Trinity grades to structure teaching methods and polish personal skill. Rhema regularly performs and has been teaching at OSM studio from its inception.Parallel to her teaching commitments at educational institutions Rhema is a sought after sessions piano player cum singer with various outfits across Delhi NCR

P Adarsh

Gifted with immense talent, Adarsh belongs to a clan of naturally gifted musicians who could pick up any instrument and start speaking with notes and rhythm. Adarsh had no problem however, in choosing his primary instrument when he found himself fixated on the biggest and badest sounding instrument usually at the center of any contemporary rock performance. His love for the drums, was an affair his parents gladly supported from an early age even when his foot could barely reach the kick drum pedal. Growing up, Adarsh was a constant fixture in school, college and city bands and completed all grades with Rockshool while finishing a college degree. Anytime of the day and most nights you will find Adarsh passionately dancing away on his drums, instructing wards, performing gigs with OSM team and city bands. He is one of the founding musicians at OSM alongside Rhema

Deborah Trott

Deborah is from a planet that breeds intellectual musicians. Strangely different from artists who are generally not great fans of formal education, Deborah has always been top tier in her curriculum. Lassoing high grades, she obtained admission to premier instutions with ease, while playing and singing all along like she is meant to be doing nothing else. Younger sibling to Amanda Trott, both of them perform as a duo with audience pining for encores. While her journey in music began with the acoustic guitar, Deborah is especially fond of bass guitar and wide ranged vocals. Deborah has been an integral part of OSM’s founding team with Rhema and Adarsh

Amanda Trott

Fondly known as Mandy ma’am by students who take an instant liking to this jovial and chirpy musician cum singer. Amanda jumped at playing keboards during middle school. At home, wisely chaperoned by her guitar and bass playing dad, she got busy working on piano and vocals with her versatile sibling Deborah (also an OSM mentor). On completing her degree, this passion drew her to choosing work commitments that gave her opportunities to excercise her music skills as well as spend time with early learners (another big passion area). Amanda supports students interested in learning piano and vocals.

Titto Sangma

Titto’s love affair with the guitar began when he watched his uncle play fingerstyle pieces with ease. He vowed to master the art and left his state of Meghalaya to pursue his passion in Delhi. He practiced till his finger bled (literally) and creamed all Trinity grades in classical guitar. He is a sought after tutor in Delhi NCR and a visiting faculty member at OSM. His colleagues and friends enjoy and often testify of a delighful humour that accompanies this genuine soul


Ren Tsopoe

Ren is a senior musician with extensive education and teaching skills in premium music curriculums like Trinity and ABRSM. While his primary instrument is the piano, he is passionate on strings and vocals. Ren is a visiting faculty at OSM to mentor senior students interested in fine tuning their musical skills

Neelima Jacob

OSM’s first lady is gifted with gladness to spread within OSM community. Though not a trained musician ‘yet’!, Neelima was thrown into a whirlpool of musicians after marrying a music maniac. Just like every family, she of course, enjoys a love-hate relationship with this music family. Recently she has begun learning the piano to explore what all this hysteria is about. But being a partner in the core vision, she is fiercely protective of OSM work’s mission and insists on ensuring all mentors and students use their time diligently. She is the administrtive reason for OSM to stay on rails

Swarnaraj Jacob

Swarnaraj Jacob is a firm believer that every soul sings a unique song. He claims “Music can be heard from every human being if one just pays attention” . Born into a family accomplished in western classical instruments back in mid 70’s, it was no surprise when as a four year old, Swarnaraj picked up a mouth organ and started to play songs much to the delight of his parents and family. Eventually Swarnaraj was drawn to the guitar and learnt to play the instrument on his own before completing high school. He went on to play regularly with college bands at fests and led music at church services all through his adult life. Swarnaraj currently pursues a highly engaging career at Merck Sharp and Dohme, a US pharmaceutical giant. While his career keeps him busy, his passion for music never wanes. Swarnaraj mentors OSM team in his spare time and is always available to guide anyone wishing to pursue musical skills for personal or professional goals


Am one of the lucky ones to be at OSM learning vocals. It has been a very fulfilling and enriching experience. Its a time to unwind and enjoy. Top class faculty that set up me and my son (on piano). We look forward to each session and always wish OSM family the very best...
Jurian Tito Khan

Bring a professional pilot,working odd hours on long duration international flights one needs great level of alertness and precision.I started my guitar class at the very best pad - OSM! Its like family yet a professional team. My patience level and concentration has drastically improved while learning music. Grateful to Neelima, Jacob and entire team of OSM
Capt. Rohit Chaudhary
Senior Commander - Jet Airways India

OSM brings the performer out of everyone. Its the stage, the inspiration, the honesty. Reminds me of the movie " The School of Rock". With a rock star team that's so real, it shines like a crazy diamond amidst fakeness so abundant in this latitude!
Suman Nandy


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