Teaching a child, just starting to recognize the alphabet, to read music, and making him fall in love with music, is what OSM did for us. We are blessed with mentors who are kind, loving and passionate.....what more can I say, but this,.....the first spelling of 'awesome' my child understood was 'OSM'.....
Prachi Kaushik

Looking for a music school for my son, I was looking for one with a soul, the warmth he could connect with. I find OSM just the right place with awesome mentors and I would say just the right notes, I was looking for. Thank you OSM. Despite not knowing much about music, I feel at home and love the regular concerts.My son has grown by leaps and bounds and I love the 'character development' that has taken place...
Seema Dutt

Love the Commitment and dedication of mentors. Great place to learn "THE MUSIC....."
Kr Moses

Am a happy parent of a happy student of the OSM family. I stumbled open OSM through some connects and went with apprehensions galore. Our son Dhruv was playing around with the guitar and said he wanted to learn and study music. My first interaction was with Jacob ! We had no clue how one trains to be a Musician (not that we know much now ) listening to and enjoying music is one thing and this another. Over the past years we have seen Dhruv evolve into a confident musician and its thanks to the OSM team. The team has not only helped identify his style but also helped him to learn the nuances of playing the guitar, take his grade exams etc. In fact they are his guides to his musical journey- if not for Jacob, Debbie, Sangma we would have been lost. Closing with a quote by Charles K..."A good teacher knows how to bring out the best in the student"...and trust me they really know...Kudos Team OSM and wish you more music and really thanks for everything....
Sonali Mehra

OSM as the name suggests is simply "Awesome " and one of the best music schools I have found for my two kids 12 and 8. My daughter has been learning to play the piano at OSM for the last almost 2 and a half years and eagerly looks forward to her classes every week. My son has developed a keen interest in learning the guitar and is committed to continue with it. All thanks to the dedicated teachers at OSM. The exposure and experience the kids get at OSM through their concerts and gigs really boosts their confidence and morale. Thank you team OSM for getting music into my kids life!!!
Anjali Sood