OSM believes that physical space and environment plays a significant role in enhancing learning and playing quality. OSM boasts of a acoustically and asthetically designed jampad that is considered one of the best designed spaces in Delhi NCR. It is perfect in size for 4-5 piece band. Jampad houses an A&H mixer, QSC 1K watt amp/speaker, Shure mics and Pearl Drum Kit. A bass guitar amp and two electric guitar amps are also available. Ambient, folk to medium/loud rock bands find this place appropriate. For availability and hiring charges, please contact us by email ( or text us at +91-9810893993

Recording Facilities

OSM believes that recording performances is essential to growing skills as well as publishing to wider audience. OSM has capabilities to record multitrack, mix and balance music using profressional equipment and trained engineers. For enquiries please contact us by email ( or text us at +91-9810893993

Performing opportunities

OSM is a firm believer that performing live and connecting with audience is a important cornerstone in music expression and development. OSM regularly curates events inhouse and at various venues in Gurgaon. If you are band that performs international (western) music, please feel free to contact us for opportunites by email ( Please attach A/V material that gives an idea on the skill and flair of your band.