OSM philosophy for music learning and performance has an end to end approach. We strongly believe that musician’s journey does not begin and end with learning music theory and developing performance skill in an instrument. OSM is consolidating a holistic approach for musicians. At the outset, learning is linked as closely as possible to one’s own natural ability that is then nurtured to achieve highest possible execution skills. Execution skill is developed with appropriate curriculum combined with engaging practice sessions and performance with peer musicians. Concerts are designed at regular intervals to execute learnt skill as well as communicate messages through music in a manner that engages audiences. OSM directs its efforts to creating that crucial performer – audience connect and ‘circle of energy’ experience right from the start and throughout a musician’s journey. For serious music career oriented learners, OSM further offers acoustically engineered jampad and recording facilities to support development in music arena.

World Class Means You Can Move the World!


Anant Dayal

Anant has been the Show Running Director of the musical production ‘Zangoora-The Gypsy Prince’ at the Kingdom of Dreams.

Akhil Kumar

Akhil started playing drums in college.After graduating from IIT Bombay and spending four years in the corporate sector, he returned to music in 2012.

Varun Kapahi

Varun Kapahi is a working bass player and music educator from New Delhi who has taught music in an effective “whole-istic” method to students of all ages since 2008.


"Learning at One World College of Music changed my perception and understanding of music and life for the better. I love this place because it’s always thriving with life and laughter. The faculty is absolutely brilliant and in one year I feel like I’ve grown exponentially as not just a musician but also a human being."
Margaret Hersh
"I had fantastic time at One World College of Music. Everything was perfect: the organization of master-classes, the curiosity of students and the teacher’s love for music. I’ve seen a lot of rising talent at OWCM, and I’m sure that in a few years many of your students will be great musicians. I really hope to come back soon!"
Suhadra Kamath