Why we exist

OSM exists to help its audiences develop authentic musical expression and experience awesome lives.

The core team sincerely believes this can be achieved by sharing their own musical gift by performing to their audience and training interested learners utilizing best in class skills, gold standard infrastructure and exemplary attitude

What we teach

Open String Music Works has a wide variety of courses to choose from, all taught by well-skilled tutors:


Learners pursue structured progressive system to gain understanding and technical facility to play the Piano. It carefully covers all aspects of playing the piano including Sight Reading, Ear Training, etc. The genres of music include European Classical, Jazz, Rock and others.


Learners gain a command over various aspects of playing the acoustic and electric guitars.
The music is mostly Blues, Rock and Jazz. Regular concerts hosted by OSM provide crucial performance platform that is at the heart of playing this very popular instrument.


Rhythm section builds the foundation for any band to build upon. Those learning drums master their rudiments and gain technical command over different styles of music such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, etc. Drummers collaborate with other musicians regularly during in-house performance events.


Learners pursuing vocals work on various styles of western music including Rock, Pop, Jazz and even selections from Broadway Musicals. They learn to understand and implement a healthy vocal technique. The vocalists regularly perform at concerts hosted by OSM.


The Violin, being a key element of string sections, offers an emotional backbone to a variety of musical genres. At OSM, tutors use a combination of pieces from Trinity, ABRSM and time-tested authors to develop an enriched curriculum that matches a student’s strength.